False Shuffle Scams & Team Play

by Michael A. Joseph

If the dealer performed a “False Shuffle” and their partner was guaranteed to win the next hand dealt to them, how much money do you think his partner would bet?


1. Learn how dealers can false shuffle six decks of playing cards and still maintain control of a large 52 card slug.

2. Learn how six pre-recorded decks of playing cards can be entered undetected into blackjack and mini-baccarat games by a dealer.

3. Watch and become familiar with the three major false shuffles performed by dealers on casino blackjack table games!

4. Familiarize yourself with dozens of obvious tells that were overlooked in casinos that were ripped off by false shuffle cheat teams.

5. Familiarize yourself with the electronic devices being used by sophisticated cheat teams!

6. Learn how cheat team members are trained to calculate the value of their next hand and the dealer’s hand before the shuffle even takes place.

7. Learn how dealers are trained by cheat team members to false shuffle and make it appear as though procedures are followed to the letter.

8. Learn how dealers are trained to bypass procedure obstacles such as stripping, lacing and cutting the cards.

9. Learn the top reasons given by dealers who switched over to the dark side (after they were arrested).

10. Once you’ve completed watching the false shuffle training video you will understand how one false shuffle executed daily by one dealer on each shift without detection will result in millions of dollars in lost revenue to your casino’s bottom line. 


·         The False Shuffle Scams has spread like wild fire in over 30 casinos nationwide. The scam is easy to execute and next to impossible to catch. The False Shuffle Scams has cost casinos millions of dollars in revenue and continues on even today.
- Each section is broken down into 4 Parts: 

1. Surveillance Point of View                2. Close-up             3. Cheating Tells               4. Procedures Necessary

·         Learn the reasons why it was so easy for the thieves to pull off this scams!

o    False Shuffle – Strip & Cut ………….(Sleight of Hand/Weak Supervision) 

o    Pick Up Cards Out of Order…………(Break In Procedure/Weak Supervision)

o    Player’s Know When They Will Win…(Dealer Agent Collusion/Weak Supervision)

o    Cards Picked Up Out of Order ………(Poor Camera Coverage / Weak Supervision)

o    The No Shuffle ……………………….…….(Sleight of Hand/Weak Supervision)                                                                

                                             And much more


The False Shuffle Scam will bring your management team up to the level where they need to be to prevent scams like this from occurring in the future.