First Time Supervisor

First Time Supervisor
by Michael A. Joseph 
Time: 59 minutes

The “First Time Supervisor” training video, explains what being a newly appointed casino supervisor will be like, what is expected of them and how they will need to change in order to become effective at their new job.


·         First Time Supervisor; A Video Designed To Make The New Supervisors Aware Of The Big Responsibility They Have, Before They Accept The Position Offered

o    Supervisor’s Job Description

o    The Difference Between A Good Supervisor And A Bad Supervisor

o     When A Supervisor Say’s, “I Am Bored” Something Is Wrong!

o    The Importance of Good Customer Relationships

o    Being Promoted To Supervisor

o    Become Motivated

And, much, much more!


Supervisors that are trained correctly will always compliment the person who believed in them. Well trained supervisors are well respected by everyone and they know what it takes to keep their dealer’s morale high and their bottom figures line increasing.