Leadership Challenge - KEY POINTS

Leadership Challenge
Key Points
by Michael A. Joseph

Jump Start Your Thinking
Designed for casino & hotel management teams:

·         Expectations of Gaming Leaders

·         Good Leadership Practices

·         Leadership Responsibilities

·         Leadership Goal Setting

·         Decision Making For Leaders

Gaming Leadership


In this program it is my goal to jumpstart you’re creative thinking, broaden your knowledge and to expose you the great responsibilities ahead of you should you decide to accept a leadership position.

Regardless of your past or current position, understand this! Once you accept or assume a Leadership position, you will now be held personally accountable and responsible for the success and or failure of your people, your department and your property. 


·         Gaming directors and managers that participate in this Leadership Key Points training program will know exactly what to expect before they assume their new position.

Far too many people in the past have entered into a leadership position not realizing the many consequences and hardships that goes with the position.