Learn How To Deal Craps

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Learn How To Deal Craps

Learn How To Deal Craps

Together Michael A. Joseph and Steve Porrino have over 50 years of experience in the gaming industry.  Their experiences include: holding every casino position: authoring and producing numerous books, videos, and training programs for almost every part of the casino industry; and providing lectures, seminars, and hands-on workshops to casinos throughout the world.  Their complete knowledge base and impeccable work ethic has made them one of the world’s most sought after gaming specialist team.

This video covers the following:

Intro to the Game
Crew, Boxman, Floorman, Working Stacks, and Bankroll

Stick, Dice, Bowl, Rail, GRT, Puck, and Layout Breakdown

7 Self-Service Bets
Pass, Don’t Pass, Big 6 & 8, Field, Come, Don’t Come Positioning of Bets In The Point Boxes

Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come, Don’t Come, Place Bets, Buy Bets, and Lay Bets With The Odds

Stickman’s Responsibilities

Importance of Stick-Calls

Proposition Bets, Payoffs, and Positioning

Toke Bets


The Follow Areas of Learn How To Deal Craps

 Are Covered In This Training Course

o    Introduction -------------------------------------------------- Crap Terminology

o    Learning The Equipment------------------------------------Learning The Bets

o    Learning Table Game Rules--------------------------------Check Handling

o    How to Calculate Payoffs-----------------------------------Stick Calls

o    Dealing The Game ------------------------------------------- How to Pay and Take

o    Dealer Call outs----------------------------------------------- Game Protection

o    Paperwork----------------------------------------------------- Common Mistakes

o    Making Change----------------------------------------------- Tipping


Individual Price - Not to be used with group training, unless used with our "1 year subscription service"