Sleight of Hand

Sleight of Hand
by Michael A. Joseph

Mike Joseph’s Sleight of Hand training video is the first video ever produced exclusively for training surveillance agents in the moves and tells of a sleight of hand artist who works both sides of the casino table games for a living.


·         30 Sleight of Hand Moves That Cannot Be Seen On Surveillance Fixed Cameras Makes Your Casino, “extremely Vulnerable” especially when the sleight of hand artist is one of your own dealers. The only way to identify these moves would be by learning the cheating tells associated with each move.                  

o    Flashing – Is the number one dealer agent scam when using sleight of hand

o    Hand Mucking – Was recently used in Macau China to scam 15 million dollars

o    Capping A Bet – Would require surveillance cameras have x-ray vision

o    Pressing A Bet - Would also require surveillance cameras have x-ray vision

And, much, much more!


30 Sleight of Hand Moves – Brings your management team up to the level of where they should be to prevent future scams involving sleight of hand. You’ll observe an increase in your people’s knowledge, skill level and self confidence, plus you’ll see an increase in your department’s bottom line profits. Being able to Recognize the sleight of hand