Slot Cheats

Slot Cheats

The original Slot Cheats video! When this video came out it was
the staple for all slot departments and surveillance rooms to catch slot cheating. Although most of the scams have been eliminated by Ticket machines, every slot department person and surveillance agent should view this video just for the history of knowing why the slot machine evolved to a ticket paying system instead of the older coin machines. 


·         Learn the history of slot cheating - these coin cheating scams presented in this video are a major reason why today’s casinos use the ticket system, learn the ins and outs of all the scams.  Plus learn valuable information about slot cheating tells, imposters and short changers, which, should be a must for all casino management to know - EVEN TODAY!  Don’t let yesterdays mistakes become today’s, make sure all of your management team knows the history of Slot Cheats!
- Slot Cheat Scams

Fast Feeding, Shaved Tokens, Spinning, Straw Dogging, Stringing, Springing, Zip Strip, ½ and Reverse Bills, Piggy Backing, Sanding, Key Control, 7Up Tool, Mini-Light, Blocking The Payout, Rating Cards, Flip It, Distract and Grab, Slugging, Eprom Procedures, Who’s on Your Slot Floor?, Are Your People Really Watching and more…


Slot Cheats will give your management team a lesson in history, plus give them knowledge of how to spot slot thieves, short changers and imposter, which, is relevant even with today’s newer more sophisticated slot departments.