Top 100 Protection Tips

Top 100 Protection Tips
by Michael A. Joseph

Each protection tip could save your casino $1,000


If each protection tip, saved your casino $1,000

100 Tips x $1,000 = $100,000.00


·         Mike Joseph’s Top 100 Protection Tips Video is recognized as the one training video designed to save most casinos $100,000.00 when table game managers simply follow up and enforce what they are shown.
The Video is broken down into 4 Parts: 

1. Blackjack      2. Craps            3.Roulette         4. General Information

·         Learn the many reasons why it was so easy to catch the bad guys when your people are equipped with this kind of knowledge, skills and information provided

Break In Procedure – Weak Supervision – Cheating Device – Poor Gaming Equipment Sleight of Hand – Team Play – Poor Camera Coverage – Dealer Agent Collusion


Mike Joseph’s Top 100 Protection Tips is a strong training that is designed to bring your management team up to the level where they need to be so as to prevent                                  these many table game scams from occurring in the future.